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This year as a team, we are competing at two district events. We hope to see you guys there. 


District 1: Wilsonville, OR

District 2: Clackamas, OR 



At the districts each team gets a set of points (aside from their regular alliance points) that add up, and a certain number of teams with the top points will be able to go to a regional event.  The top 24 teams from each regional event will be invited to St. Louis, MO and compete in the world finals.


Want to come and watch?  

The best time would be the Friday (10am-7pm) and Saturday (9am-3pm) of each event.


Can't come to the event?  That's okay!  Watch the live stream!  Each event will provide a live stream for people to watch online.  We will provide that link on each competition page as it comes available.

Check out our profile page at for more info about our events and live streams as they come availible.

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