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Hotwire Robotics Club is a team made of up high schoolers that have a passion for science and technology. It places students in a competitive environment with a goal of building a robot in order to compete. This program also allows for personal growth in the areas of marketing, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and character.

To get a better idea as to who we are and what we really do, take a look at the video to the right.

About us

We have recieved our challenge for 2019.  This year the challege is Destination: Deep Space. We are currently hard at work makeing our robot. 

Here is the challenge video that the FIRST organization used to introduce this years game.

What is Next?
Get Invovled!

Are you a student? - Come check us out!

Would you like to mentor? - Talk to us about opportunities

Do you have resources? - We can always use materials

Financial support? - Give us a call!

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